Home staging is becoming more popular in Australia and an increasing number of home staging businesses have been established on the Gold Coast. But what is home staging and do you need it to sell your property?

Home staging vs interior decorating

To the uninitiated, there may seem little difference between home staging and interior decorating. The main goal of the 2 concepts, however, is poles apart. Home staging or styling is about showcasing your house in a way that it will appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. The goal of interior decorating is to create a comfortable home you love, but not necessarily something that has mass appeal.

Why stage your home?

Creating a home that appeals to lots of people will improve your chances of making a quick sale and of achieving the best possible sales price. Just think about it. You may love the psychedelic tile splashback in your kitchen, but when potential buyers look at it, all they see is the cost of changing it. Even your furnishings can have an effect on the potential sale of your home. Large furniture, for example, can make your rooms appear smaller than they actually are possibly putting people off making an offer.

You may feel it is not necessary to hire someone to stage your home, but it’s hard for a homeowner to be truly objective. We get so used to living with our furnishings that we don’t see what others do. A professional home stager or stylist will assess your home and make adjustments to create an inviting space. This may involve simply de-cluttering, depersonalising and rearranging furniture or it could mean hiring furnishings to show-off your property to its best advantage.

Tips to do it yourself

If you can’t justify the cost of a home stager, there are a number of tricks you can employ to do it yourself.

Clean and repair

Cracked windows, broken blinds or scuff marks on your skirting boards give your home an unloved look. These may only be small things but they can imply neglect and are easily remedied.


Put your personal things away. Fridge magnets, sporting trophies and such like can prevent buyers from picturing themselves living in your home. Don’t stuff everything into a cupboard either as an overflowing closet could leave buyers thinking your home doesn’t offer enough storage.

Accentuate the positive

Maximise the positive aspects of your home. Show off large windows by stripping them of heavy draperies. Put kitchen appliances away so potential buyers can see how much kitchen benchtop space you have.

It may be a good idea to buy or rent extra furniture so you can showcase your home in its best light. Get a dining room suite for the dining room, or turn your home office back into the bedroom it was meant to be.


You may love bright colours and bold patterns but they do not appeal to everyone. Stage your home in a neutral palette that isn’t overpowering.

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